Just a Shoot away..

Just a Shoot away..
Just a shoot away

lundi 17 janvier 2011

La destreza de tus manos lentas, entre las sombras de un hotel barato. Yo que intenté borrar todas mis huellas, sólo quería mantenerme a salvo en días que se escapan de las manos, noches en colchones prestados, días que se escapan de las manos, corren como coches robados, días que brillan sobre el piso mojado, me daré una vuelta para verte un rato bajo la tormenta.

 you know.... There's Two ways of music here in tennesse and in
new orleands....ee.... the one to the breackdown and the one about
run away of the city....

There's no tears in her eyes but, oh men he makes her sund like
a sticky crying child and we love it
he can play music for my son, me and for my father and that's
special wooow, all of us know that's special!.

There are little things and... when they go across your life, touch you, and
you feel stoped and you think,, Guagh who'am i? and when
im waiting for?.....

We with all the song feel like this and all of us think
the same, its a little crash in our hearts
of rolling stones

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